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If I asked what your purpose in life was, I would probably be met with a barrage of random goals like fancy car, big house, a lot of money, vacations and so on. Hold your horses. Money is a necessity, but we often make the mistake of thinking it is okay to center our lives around it. I’m of the opinion that money is a tool. Money definitely makes things easier. However to be deceived by the facade that money solves all problems is such a lie.

In reality, in our core we just want to be happy. We’re all going to die, and I believe if we were reminded of this fundamental fact more often we wouldn’t decide to spend our entire lives chasing something as fleeting as money. Ask yourself this “if I were to die in five minutes would I spend those last five minutes chasing money?”…

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Understanding Mercy

Finding True Satisfaction.


mercyLet us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need. Hebrews 4:16

Mercy is an undeserved gift from God which preserves us; sometimes you notice that people have things more than you it is the grace of God that keeps them. Sometimes mercy and grace are often thought to mean the same thing, Mercy is God’s loving kindness towards sinners and his children; God who lets his rain fall on both the good and evil and the sun to shine on both the good and evil while grace is defined as the favor of God. This is what makes an individual qualify for what he ordinarily is not qualified for. At every point in time in our lives we have to be thankful for the mercy of God upon our lives irrespective of whatever situation we…

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True Satisfaction: How to get all your needs met.

Do you sometimes feel unsatisfied and unaccomplished? So do I and many other people. Find out the path to true satisfaction in this post.



Life is full of many treasures and acquiring them has always been man’s goal, the main reason why we pursue these treasures (cars, houses, relationships etc) is because they come with promises of making us happy. But do they really make us happy?

Take delight in the lord and he will give you your heart’s desires. Psalm 37:4

Some of us might have experienced situations where everything is great in our lives our bills are paid, we have food to eat, good clothes to wear. we probably just acquired something we have always wanted but for a split moment we realize that we feel empty and it’s like there is a huge hole in our hearts that needs filling and most of us  go out of our way to get things and people to feel that vacuum. 

For single guys or ladies they may decide that the vacuum…

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The laziness effect: how laziness is holding you back.



Everyone wants to be a high achiever but are you really willing to pay the price for success, are you willing to do the time required to achieve excellence in whatever field you are in.

“Luck is always the last refuge of laziness and incompetence.” James Cash Penney

I know some people get lucky and win lotto’s or get a big break despite the fact that they are not driven people or hard workers but if those people are not careful they hardly maintain their success.

“There is no real excellence in all this world which can be separated from right living.”  David Starr Jordan

Having dreams and talking about them is not enough to be successful, you have got to walk the talk if you want to see results.

But what does it really take to be lazy; here are 9 signs that tell if you are…

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How to Create Your Story

“Create your own story, stop trying to copy others.   Believe that you can make it just like every successful individual you know, heard of or have read of”. iniusoro

It’s sad that people go their whole lives searching for something they already have. I was at a party recently, when it was time for serve desert, I was served vanilla cake, it looked nice but I wanted chocolate cake because it looked nicer, more indulging and delicious than the vanilla cake. 

I could have asked them to change it but I said oh well!  I will just   have a taste of the chocolate cake since my friend Sarah had been served chocolate cake, when I tasted it  I was really disappointed it didn’t taste as nice as it looked. 

But the vanilla on my plate tasted awesome and to think I initially wanted the chocolate cake that got me thinking that sometimes life serves us vanilla cake but we want the chocolate cake we see on other people’s plate because it looks dark, rich, seductive and delicious.  We do not bother to taste ours first, so we do not know that are lives are as good as those people we keep comparing ourselves too maybe even better.

“Competition with others will distract you from you true purpose in life because you are trying to become the better version of someone else when you could become the best version of yourself” iniusoro

I strongly believe God created everyone with a purpose, but like the story of the wicked servant who buried his talent because he believed he had been dealt the worst hand by his master why did he do this?  He felt those who had two and five talents were automatically more prosperous than he was.

 Most of us think this way, we think we have no talent and someone who can dance, sing and act has a better chance of being successful than we do, but it’s not true, there are individuals whose only gifting is being wonderful business men and women and that have managed to be more successful than most singers, actors, musicians etc in the world. 

We need to create our own stories, just like the many great men and women we hear of and how do we do these, by pursuing our dreams on a daily basis, being persistent, patient and never giving up. Most importantly focus on you not others. People can serve as role models but you must decide to emulate their positive traits without trying to become exactly like them because you never know you might have a bigger assignment in this world than they do.

What would you do if you weren’t Afraid?

Fear doesn’t have to stop you from becoming the awesome person you know you can be
Find out why in this daring post


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 I used to be so afraid of so many things, but i was especially afraid of making a fool out of myself when trying something new and being ridiculed in public for not getting something right. In school i never looked forward to class presentations because it came with a lot of anxiety for me. I was practically petrified of public speaking. When it was my turn to present, i will stutter all through the presentation even if I had mastered the topic, I was always filled with self-loathing after each presentation.

There I was, facing a class of less than 50 students with a lecturer who I know, isn’t going to bite me yet I was still afraid. I admired other colleagues who were saying rubbish or had not mastered the presentation but still presented with an air of confidence even if the lecturer criticized everything they…

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How often should you wash your Hands?


Hand washing is one of the cheapest health promotion behaviors and according to the  global hygiene council you should wash your hands at least more than six times in a day.

Many of us do not wash our hands before eating especially when we are outside the comfort of our homes, Hand washing is the most basic and cost effective health measure for preventing food borne diseases, such as diarrhea, and respiratory infections such as, influenza, all you need is a running tap and soap.

We are in an era where a lot of diseases are emerging or rather there is an increase in  occurrence of these diseases than in the past for example the incidence of Ebola  Lassa fever and most recently cholera outbreak in west africa, and some other parts ot the world.

These emerging diseases calls for affordable and cost effective means of illness prevention.



  • Before eating any food, especially those eaten with hands e.g. chips, fruits etc.
  • After eating
  • After using the rest room: ladies even if you only used the rest room to adjust your make up, wash your hands before leaving the ladies.
  • Before preparing a meal.
  • After handling raw meat, fish or poultry.
  • Before feeding a child.
  • After changing a baby’s diaper.
  • After touching animals.
  • Wash your hands or use a hand antiseptic before and after tending to a sick person.




  • Wet your hands.
  • Apply soap.
  • Lather and rub hands quite vigorously.
  • Wash both palms and outer hands.
  • Count at least 20 seconds before rinsing.
  • Dry hands on clean towel or paper towel.


If you are always on the go, there might not be water or soap for you to carry out hand washing before eating but you can use alcohol hand rubs or hand sanitizers as they are often called. They are quiet handy and are as effective as hand washing.


Some of us fancy road side foods(  Hot dogs ,suya, Roasted plantain, boiled corn etc.) after purchasing these foods using hand sanitizer before eating them prevents us from transfering germs and microbes from our hands to the food thus preventing infection and saves  us time, money and trips to the hospital.


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7 destructive mindset that steals your success

How we think largely determines our destiny. Our wealth, our status, our success is born in our minds. That’s why it is vital to get rid of the destructive mindsets that steal your success. And the best part? Anyone can do it. Because anyone can Turn their life into a success even if they think…

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