How to Win and Lose with dignity?

Martin Luther King Jr. has said, “The ultimate measure of a man is not how well he does during times of comfort and convenience, but during times of trials and tribulations.”  Life is full of ups and downs, and everyone is fighting a battle of their own- sometimes they win, sometimes they don’t. Whatever happens during the fight portrays how skilful the fighters were, but whatever happens in the consequence of it portrays what kind of characters do the winner and loser sides have. Here is some unsolicited  but vital advice to win and lose with dignity, and to abstain being an arrogant winner, or a hateful and angry loser. How To Win With Grace? Give credit- You don’t win wholly if you don’t win hearts. A humble person always gives credit to the team and those who helped make the victory happen, even when he is entirely responsible for the win. All the people, who, on the way along, motivated you, gave you courage, kindness, or just stood there by your side, deserves to get the

Source: How to Win and Lose with dignity?


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