8 Things You Should Know About Olive Oil


According to research on the benefits of olive oil, it contains antioxidants and phytonutrients which can decrease the risk of breast cancer. Olive oil diet also reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Monounsaturated fats and oleic acid which protects the body from many chronic diseases such as stroke and osteoporosis.

Ever heard of hot oil treatment, Well this one I have tried myself and it works like a charm, not only does it condition you hair, it also gets rid of dandruff. It could be used to treat dry scalp.

The antioxidant properties of olive oil along with the presence of vitamins A and E helps give the skin a soft smooth appearance. Olive oil especially the extra virgin variant penetrates deep into the skin, providing moisture and protection for the skin.

Mix extra virgin olive oil and sea salt and you have the perfect exfoliant for your face and skin. It is highly recommended if you have scaly, dry skin.

I can personally testify that olive oil is the best when it comes to removing eye makeup, its gentle on the skin and you don’t have to rub hard on your skin for the makeup to come out. Just dab a little olive oil on cotton wool swab and clean gently, sometimes I use it to remove matte lipstick too.

Although sunscreen remains the best way to prevent sunburn and protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Consuming olive oil could help counter the oxidizing effect of the sun. Applying it topically  protects your skin from sunburn.

You can add a bit of olive oil to your cooking just to get that special taste, for example when steaming and to make dressings for salads. Olive oil is not recommended for deep frying as the vitamins might get destroyed thus losing its nutritional value. It also has a low smoking point and dries out quickly on heat.

NOTE: The best kind of olive oil is the Extra virgin variant

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It’s Not Hard to be Happy after All! (1 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Staff Member: Nina Medina Founder & Owner of: The Happy Life 101 Millionaire’s Digest Staff Team, Author, Successful Living Writer “There were two wa…

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Love is in the air and ‘Cupid’ is on a serious mission, please protect your heart from its flying arrows but if you are looking for love then open your arms wide and receive your miracle. As Valentine is around the corner I took time to ask some folks what was their honest opinion about Valentine’s Day (aka .Val’s day).

Some folks are actually of the opinion that Val’s day should not be celebrated , they believe it is pretentious to set aside one day to shower your loved ones with love, gifts and most importantly your attention but instead every day you spend with your loved one should be valentine’s day.

Though I agree with them but we shouldn’t be left out of the fun and celebration just because we have a bias towards Val’s day. Personally I believe amidst all that is going on in people’s lives; work, school, raising kids, and keeping up with the economy it’s not a bad idea to just pause and take a day to remind our loved ones and ourselves the essence of love and loving someone.
Valentine is like Christmas, Easter and every other fun holiday. It has a lot of significance in that, it remains us of our obligations to our loved ones, the needy and other human beings and as Apostle Paul said in Romans 13:8 ‘ owe no man nothing but love’ .

Val’s day should also be a day to remember those around us, your cranky neighbor, the old man or woman down the street, the estate security guard and people you know cannot afford the luxury of vals day (abi no bi person wey don chop belleful dey celebrate vals day) sorry if you don’t understand pidgin English, my point is aside ‘Le Boo’ who is probably sure you would both celebrate Val together, these people will appreciate it better.

But wait who is Valentine’s Day really about, Valentine is a day set aside to celebrate Saint valentine who was a Christian martyr , However over the years it has become the day of romance for lovers all over the world and a day for lovers to remind themselves how much they mean to each other. I salute the idea of Valentine’s Day as a day of love and I hope you have fun this valentine season. What is your take on valentine, please feel free to leave a comment.

N.B: If you are single, Val’s day is not a day to feel lonely or depressed, do something nice for yourself and stay happy. Bye friends and if you have a Boo for Val enjoy yourself this valentine and stay safe.

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The Self Image of The 21st Century Woman

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The self-image of the twenty-first century woman has often been abused, bruised and defined for her. What counts as appealing is having a sexy alluring body. We have been defined by the clothes we wear and the designers that make them, don’t get me wrong there is noting wrong with clean, beautiful decent fashion.

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But there are thousands of people out there who are striving to buy clothes, shoes and bags just to get an identity and develop a certain reputation among their friends.

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getty images

The introduction of technology and social media makes matters worse for the 21st century woman, Instagram, Facebook and my least favorite snap chat shows a lot of vanity and have effects that show illusions of what a beautiful woman should look like.
The hype of big boobs,big buttocks and flat stomach has sent the twenty-first century woman under the cosmetic surgeon’s knife just to achieve this look and live up to expectations.

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getty images

The commercial world has taken advantage of this self-image crisis and made billions of dollars off women. Each year they tell black woman they have to be light for men to like them then they tell white women they have to be tan to be considered beautiful. But your self-image should first be about you not what a TV commercial or clothing line tells you.

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Early in life define your style, do you want to be simple, classy and elegant or wild,daring and hip. You could be either or both but let it be because it’s what you want not because it’s a trend.

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How to Win and Lose with dignity?

Martin Luther King Jr. has said, “The ultimate measure of a man is not how well he does during times of comfort and convenience, but during times of trials and tribulations.”  Life is full of ups and downs, and everyone is fighting a battle of their own- sometimes they win, sometimes they don’t. Whatever happens during the fight portrays how skilful the fighters were, but whatever happens in the consequence of it portrays what kind of characters do the winner and loser sides have. Here is some unsolicited  but vital advice to win and lose with dignity, and to abstain being an arrogant winner, or a hateful and angry loser. How To Win With Grace? Give credit- You don’t win wholly if you don’t win hearts. A humble person always gives credit to the team and those who helped make the victory happen, even when he is entirely responsible for the win. All the people, who, on the way along, motivated you, gave you courage, kindness, or just stood there by your side, deserves to get the

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