Who determines success in life, what do you do when life puts you in a certain position?. Do you conform to the standards of the world when you feel pressure?
At a time in most parts of Africa especially Nigeria If you don’t study medicine, law, accounting or engineering you will probably not make it in life.

Which creates a kind of delusion of grandiosity in the hearts of people who study these courses especially when they are students? It makes them think their future is secured while students that study courses like botany, marine science, agriculture, sociology and education are also deluded thinking they can’t make it in life .

These makes them not to put in efforts into studying these courses because they see their course of study as not being lucrative.
As Christians irrespective of where you find yourself even if you are selling pepper, always bear in mind that God will bless the works of your hands, there are people in life that have ridiculous things as a means of lively hood and they still excel.

God has given you an excellent spirit and he has crowned you with glory and honor don’t waste God’s promise for your life, excel no matter what. And even if you are studying a professional course let your faith and hope be in God first and not in your profession.
Being rich can make you seem invincible and powerful while being poor can make you miserable and without hope either way let God be your first call whenever you are in trouble .

By the world’s standard only those who go the best schools and are well connected get good jobs. But by God’s standards, he paves way for his children even when there are people more deserving of that job.
NOTE: Faith without works is dead and works without faith is dead. Please even as God is our source let our faith and the spirit of God motivate us to be hardworking, creative and innovative individuals.

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