Hurray! 2016 was an eventful year for me; it was a stepping stone to one of the greatest growth sprout of my mind. I started the year armed with self-awareness and a bunch of goals. One of those goals was to write on my blog every month and another goal was to write for an organization, thank you Bayart for the opportunity to write for your community. When I started my blog earlier in 2016 I was skeptical about being able to maintain the blog with all other projects in my life, sincerely speaking there were days this year I felt like giving up on the blog especially when I was stuck on what post to write next . I want to thank all my friends and my family for their support and encouragement during those periods. If there is anything 2016 has taught me,it is that:
Nothing is impossible.
Good things take work and perseverance.
Never, never give up; hang in there till the very last minute.
Even when things don’t work out how you planned, improvise.
Expect the unexpected.
I want to thank all my readers for their interest in my blog and their beautiful engaging comments. God bless you all; expect bigger better and more enlightening posts in 2017.


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