Sometimes I wonder why I learn something and after a while of trying to incorporate it into my life I give up. I realized that to win in life persistence is necessary. You have to constantly renew you minds with positive thoughts. I attend  seminars and read several self-help books on determination, discipline, emotional stability etc. but somehow each time I hit a road block in practicing what I have learnt I give up and say these things are only realistic in books, cliché right?




They say change is the only constant thing in life, whether we like it or not as the years go by change occurs in our lives from changes in our attitude towards life, to changes in how we relate with the people around us, change must occur. It is left for the individual to change positively or negatively.

Growing physically, emotionally and mentally can be hard as it takes conscious investment of time, money etc. There are many people who would love to change the way they live, exercise more, lose weight, read more, be more ambitious and effecient at work but what we don’t know is change can be hard and  will always meet a resistance. Take for example when trying to start a healthy lifestyle practice like exercising, your body resist this new change, you feel pain and aches in your joints and muscles. If you persist despite the pain in one to two weeks depending on your body you get accustomed to the pain or you don’t feel it at all.



In pursuing goals in entrepreneurship you need to take some risk, step out and try some new things. Taking risk doesn’t necessarily have to involve billions of dollars rather it’s about stepping out in courage and seeing opportunities where others see road blocks.

I once started a business in my environment though it seemed at first that the possible market for the product was non-existent .I went ahead and started the business with fingers crossed and money that I had invested at stake, I started telling people about the product and to my amazement to response was   incredible and I made a lot of profit from that venture till date the product is still in high demand.

Being an entrepreneur takes faith in yourself and what you believe in. During the time I encountered several challenges like people who didn’t like the product, critics who felt the business would flop.

Here are:


  1. Write down your beliefs on a board or a journal, it is said that writing goals and ambitions down makes you more likely to work towards them.
  2. Whenever you meet a resistance, always go back to you board or journal.
  3. Do not accept defeat easily, persistence is key.
  4. Attitude is everything. Your attitude towards the events that occur in your life matter more than you think. A positive attitude can change the outcome of a bad event.
  5. Surround yourself with people who believe in the same things as you e.g. In trying to be better at saving money surrounding yourself with people who are prudent about spending money and who you are accounted to, it will keep you grounded.
  6. Expect that there will be down days and there will be days of victory
  7. Don’t put pressure on yourself, in whatever you do move at your own pace (except when there is a deadline)
  8. Re-evaluate your goals and ambitions from time to time, this allows you to see how well you are doing and where you need to make adjustments.

The mind is a very powerful tool, as much as possible discipline yourself to think only positive thoughts.

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