Sometimes you and I have genuine reasons to be depressed, when the unexpected or expected happens it could lead to emotional turmoil and our emotions are just upside down. When something that maters to us suddenly goes wrong we become sad then we dwell on that sad event and unconsciously we begin to slip into depression, the thing is no one believes depression is a serious ailment until they hear a psychiatrist diagnose them or a loved one of depression.  Funny thing is, it’s not the sad event or occurrence that causes depression it’s our response to it.

It’s that feeling of emptiness like nothing in life matters anymore, it’s like the world stops revolving and you have come to the  end of a road that leads nowhere. When you are depressed nothing else matters but only the negative emotions drowning your mind. It’s like you are stuck in one place.



Life could be filed with some many tragedies and only the strong can survive, people all over the world face hurt in one form or the other.   I cannot begin to describe the tragedies, disappointment and perils that can befall an individual but Let me tell you why people shouldn’t be depressed, depression only worsens your case, I have met a lady who failed her final year exams and had and extra year in school. She just could not cope with failure, as at when I met her she had been on the hospital bed for over a year, she had become paraplegic (she couldn’t move her lower limbs legs). Now don’t ask me for the pathophysiology of her disease condition, but because she was continually sad and became depressed, she just lost touch with the real world and was later diagnosed of psychosis which is a mental illness.





There are both positive and negative coping mechanisms such as stress eating, some people react to stress by over eating which could lead to excessive weight gain and obesity other opt for smoking, isolation/withdrawal, drinking alcohol or taking hard drugs or stimulant either ways all of these coping mechanisms are negative they might relieve depression for a while but then they cause more harm than good and make us forgets our problems for a while. The list of positive coping mechanisms that can help in overcoming depression is endless but here are few of them:

  • Talking to someone about how you feel
  • Meditate or pray
  • Listen to music
  • Listen or read inspirational stories of people who have overcome difficult situations
  • Take a trip or Vacation
  • Write your thoughts down



A positive belief system strengthens you in hard times and gives you hope, hope is the most important singular factor in overcoming depression, you need hope to believe that you will find a better job or that you would one day find love again.

For me JESUS has been my medicine for all forms of hurt that may come my way whether self-inflicted or otherwise. I look up to God in all situations am I get to see every situation in a better light one of my favorite bible passage for overcoming depression ALL THINGS WORKS TOGETHER FOR MY GOOD. It might seem irrational how some things are supposed to be for your good but trust me you will be much healthier and at peace if you could hold on to a positive belief.



Always look on the bright side of life even though the bright side seems bleak, having the right attitude not only helps to overcome depression but it also increases your life span. Be grateful for the little blessings in your life, this way you stay confident and happy. Never compare your-self with other people; this could make you feel miserable when you compare people’s achievement with yours.

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