How often do you wash your hands?


I asked a friend this question recently and the reply was when I take my bath in the morning and after using the toilet. According to global hygiene council you should wash your hands at least more than six times in a day.

Many of us do not wash our hands before eating especially when we are outside the comfort of our homes, Hand washing is the most basic and cost effective health measure for preventing food borne diseases, such as diarrhea, and respiratory infections such as, influenza all you need is a running tap and soap



Mr sule and Mr tush are both project managers at a construction site, they have been working all morning and it’s time for lunch Mr sule is craving Boli (roasted plantain) he see a woman by the road side selling roasted plantain she even has groundnut, correct! .But his friend Mr tush is the fancy guy no way is he going to buy food from a road side seller, so he buys chicken and chips from the nearest fast food restaurant while Mr sule buys the plantain and groundnut.

They both eat their meals with their hands, later that evening they both came down with diarrhea before you say Na lie! ‘Dirty no dey kill black man,’ let’s look at what they both did wrong, whether you buy food from a nice restaurant or a road side seller you are likely to come down with diarrhea if you eat without washing your hands, both Mr. sule and Mr tush have come in contact with dirty surfaces and currency notes before eating which introduced germs into their system.

Scenario 2

Ever wonder why you had running stomach or a flu, after eating that delicious meal you bought, maybe this next scenario would help put the puzzle together.

Mama cook and Mr. chef are both good cooks in their own leagues, mama cook owns her shop while Mr. chef works in a five star hotel, aside being good cooks they both have one thing in common they have poor hand hygiene practice, while chopping carrots for a delicacy he was preparing Mr. chef was pressed (had to urinate) and decided to use the rest room, after using the rest room he came back to his kitchen table and continued chopping the carrots.

Mama cook on the other hand babysits her four month old grandchild, while cooking she hears the baby crying, she checks on the baby and finds out the baby had soiled it’s diaper she changes it quickly and goes back to her cooking.  Mr. Chef and Mama Cook have made a common mistake people who cook for the public make which is not washing their hands when it is absolutely necessary that they do. If you think it is only health workers that can infect you if they do not carry out proper hand washing well think again.

A friend of mine almost died of cholera because she bought food from someone who didn’t carry out proper hygiene  a lot of people have been hospitalized and some even died because people like mama Cook and Mr. chef failed  to protect their customers by carry out proper hand hygiene before food preparation and even during food preparation.

We are in an era where a lot of diseases are emerging or rather there is an increase in  occurrence of these diseases than in the past for example the incidence of Ebola fever in west Africa in 2015 and Lassa fever the following year, these emerging disease calls for affordable and cost effective means of illness prevention.







  • Before eating any food, especially those eaten with hands e.g. chips, fruits etc.
  • After eating
  • After using the rest room: ladies even if you only used the rest room to adjust your make up wash your hands before leaving.
  • Before preparing a meal
  • After handling raw meat, fish or poultry
  • Before feeding a child
  • After changing a baby’s diaper
  • After touching animals
  • Wash your hands or use a hand antiseptic before and after tending to a sick person.





  • Wet your hands.
  • Apply soap.
  • Lather and rub hands quite vigorously.
  • Wash both palms and outer hands.
  • Count at least 20 seconds before rinsing.
  • Dry hands on clean towel or paper towel.




If you are always on the go, there might not be water or soap for you to carry out hand washing before eating but you can use alcohol hand rubs or hand sanitizers as they are often called. They are quiet handy and are as effective as hand washing.




Some of us fancy road side foods(  Hot dogs ,suya, Roasted plantain, boiled corn etc.) after purchasing this foods using hand sanitizer before eating them prevents us from coming down with food-borne diseases and saves  us time, money and trips to the hospital.

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Enjoying Singleness



Contrary to popular opinion being single is not an unpleasant thing, I can hear your inner voice saying NA so!Ok maybe singleness can be a crappy state of mind especially if what you are looking for is a beautiful loving relationship.

If you are that person waiting for the perfect one, well singleness might seem like a trap, it might feel depressing especially if you don’t want to settle for less than your expectations in a partner, thanks to Bella 9ja and all kinds of social networks, it seems like everyone around you is getting married except you. Have no fear my friend help is on its way, here are 3 rules that would help you enjoy singleness.



You have always been single from the day you were born, you are an individual whether you have a twin or not, so see yourself as complete and whole identify who you are. This helps you when you are in a relationship so you don’t have identity crisis  when the other individual tries to change your values and belief system .Enjoy your own company be able to go out on your own and have fun or stay indoors watch a good movie or read a good book



Identifying the reason you are still single helps your self-esteem, but most importantly it stops you from allowing friends, family, society and even yourself from putting pressure on you. For example we live in a harsh economic dispensation, it’s Like the new America where everyone has to be on top their game, having a university Degree is no longer enough to climb up high the career ladder, young men and women want to be more educated so they can get jobs that pay better which equals spending more time in school or chasing your career. Bottom line you want to be financially capable before starting a family.

You could also be single because you haven’t found the right person for you, that’s ok marriage is a life-long commitment and you should take your time when choosing a partner. Another reason an individual could still be single is because they feel they are just not ready to commit yet. This happens mostly to guys, Oga take your time don’t allow a woman drag you into a contract that you would both feel miserable about later, (you too don’t turn her to lord of the rings, state the purpose of you relationship with her from the beginning).



Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself. When you love yourself, that’s when you’re most beautiful.    Zoe Kravitz

Self-love is important, remember the biblical saying ‘love your neighbor as you love yourself,’ emphasis on LOVE YOURSELF. It is only when you love yourself that  you can truly love another human being  place value on who you are as a person, you might not be the smartest person alive or the most talented individual but if you value yourself , you will not settle for less than you deserve, you will not compromise your beliefs and values. Your happiness and joy would not be dependent on another human being and you and your future partner would be better for it.


Have you ever thought of going on a long vacation or traveling and exploring a country of interest, when you are single you can go on trips like this without worrying about kids or a husband/wife. It is the best time to  explore different sides of yourself and learn (although learning is a life time process) , it is also the time to give complete focus and commitment to your career, education, hobbies and other interest, don’t spend the time you should have been doing something productive feeling sorry for your single state. When you are in a relationship or starting a family your attention is divided and you might not be able to focus completely.

Till my next post remember you are worth a lot be bold, be beautiful and confident.


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“Everyone should be respected as an individual, but no one idolized.”     Albert Einstein

They say respect is reciprocal true, across all races, cultures, sex or age groups a desire for respect is common. We all want to be respected and valued but do we offer the people around us the same courtesy.


Here are five ways you could disrespect people






“Respect for ourselves guides our morals; respect for others guides our manners.”

                                           Laurence sterne

Having attended a boarding school and living in the hostel as a student in the university, one thing I have learnt is to give people their personal space, if someone says nobody should use my bucket or nobody should use my stuffs without my permission I think its sheer courtesy to actually obey their wishes, these does not mean you are afraid of them but rather that you are willing to make room for their wishes.

Some people do not like to be touched, everyone has boundaries especially when cohabiting with others whether it is being in a student hostel or living with your siblings, if someone says don’t wear my clothes, use or go through my things without my permission, respect their wishes.



“I speak to everyone in the same way whether he is the garbage man or the president of the university.”           

                                  Albert Einstein.

Everyone around you has a quota to contribute, someone has to drive you around (e.g. public transportation) and someone has to sell newspapers or deliver your mail. All these people are relevant to you because they supply your needs in form of Goods and services. You being a managing director or CEO does not mean you should look down on others within or outside where you work.


           “A person is a person no matter how small.”      Dr Seuss

It’s too easy to feel you are better than the next person, when you see people who are not up to your standard, how do you treat them, do you treat them with disdain or respect. It’s true there can be no equal society but there are equal rights and everyone is entitled to a little respect.






No one likes to be bullied, for example when you intimidate people especially in a work place environment, what you are saying is the people who you work with or supervise are incompetent and incapable of doing their work unless you push them around like puns on a chess board. And sometimes intimidating people comes from a place of deep insecurity where you believe to get respect you have to be intimidating to others. This behavior does not show value or respect for those around you be it friends, family or co-workers.



Everyone likes to be the smartest guy in the room but being the smartest guy in the room doesn’t mean you should use it to hurt others. There are different kinds of manipulations, some use tears and emotions to get people to do what they want, others use tricky and the list is endless. If you want something come out straight and ask for it no one wants to be used. And if you are rejected, walk away like an honorable person.



“Have a big enough heart to love unconditionally, and a broad enough mind to embrace the difference that make each of us unique.”

                                                 D.B Harrop

Everyone has a right to his or her opinion; one of the greatest forms of respect is to see the next human as rational and capable of having their own belief system. Am not saying you have to agree with what they believe in but when you tear down people for their views you demoralize them, rather if you have an argument with the way someone around you acts or the things they believe in, just present your case to them and if they don’t listen let them be.

If we value ourselves we ought to value others, as much as possible present and conduct your-self in a manner worthy of respect, irrespective of your social status, gender, religion,race or culture.

Thanks for reading this post, if there are other ways people do not show respect feel free to leave a comment and contribute to this post.

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Sometimes you and I have genuine reasons to be depressed, when the unexpected or expected happens it could lead to emotional turmoil and our emotions are just upside down. When something that maters to us suddenly goes wrong we become sad then we dwell on that sad event and unconsciously we begin to slip into depression, the thing is no one believes depression is a serious ailment until they hear a psychiatrist diagnose them or a loved one of depression.  Funny thing is, it’s not the sad event or occurrence that causes depression it’s our response to it.

It’s that feeling of emptiness like nothing in life matters anymore, it’s like the world stops revolving and you have come to the  end of a road that leads nowhere. When you are depressed nothing else matters but only the negative emotions drowning your mind. It’s like you are stuck in one place.



Life could be filed with some many tragedies and only the strong can survive, people all over the world face hurt in one form or the other.   I cannot begin to describe the tragedies, disappointment and perils that can befall an individual but Let me tell you why people shouldn’t be depressed, depression only worsens your case, I have met a lady who failed her final year exams and had and extra year in school. She just could not cope with failure, as at when I met her she had been on the hospital bed for over a year, she had become paraplegic (she couldn’t move her lower limbs legs). Now don’t ask me for the pathophysiology of her disease condition, but because she was continually sad and became depressed, she just lost touch with the real world and was later diagnosed of psychosis which is a mental illness.





There are both positive and negative coping mechanisms such as stress eating, some people react to stress by over eating which could lead to excessive weight gain and obesity other opt for smoking, isolation/withdrawal, drinking alcohol or taking hard drugs or stimulant either ways all of these coping mechanisms are negative they might relieve depression for a while but then they cause more harm than good and make us forgets our problems for a while. The list of positive coping mechanisms that can help in overcoming depression is endless but here are few of them:

  • Talking to someone about how you feel
  • Meditate or pray
  • Listen to music
  • Listen or read inspirational stories of people who have overcome difficult situations
  • Take a trip or Vacation
  • Write your thoughts down



A positive belief system strengthens you in hard times and gives you hope, hope is the most important singular factor in overcoming depression, you need hope to believe that you will find a better job or that you would one day find love again.

For me JESUS has been my medicine for all forms of hurt that may come my way whether self-inflicted or otherwise. I look up to God in all situations am I get to see every situation in a better light one of my favorite bible passage for overcoming depression ALL THINGS WORKS TOGETHER FOR MY GOOD. It might seem irrational how some things are supposed to be for your good but trust me you will be much healthier and at peace if you could hold on to a positive belief.



Always look on the bright side of life even though the bright side seems bleak, having the right attitude not only helps to overcome depression but it also increases your life span. Be grateful for the little blessings in your life, this way you stay confident and happy. Never compare your-self with other people; this could make you feel miserable when you compare people’s achievement with yours.

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