I can actually feel your pain rodney, there is also an instant gratification need in 2016, you want to have flashy cars and and be CEO of a company because there are actually 21 year olds that have acheived these things already.

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invisible-man-hood-28929241It’s the year 2016. The year of snap chat and the season of pokemon go. The year of crazy twit fights and unending rants. The year of the LGBT community.  The list is endless. Needless to say it’s a tough time to be 21. You’re at the peak of your youth much, bursting with energy and vigor. However being twenty one has its own baggage.  You’re too busy comparing your achievements those of your age mates and social media giant, Mark Zuckerberg.  Yup! That guy had his life figured out as early as age 21. Yet here you are, 21 and like most of the Nigerian youth population, unemployed, and probably not in a higher institution. The media further contributes to this state of entropy, with raunchy and uninspirational music videos and the likes.  Promoting random sex and the use of hard drugs. Sex and drugs are constantly being shoved…

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