How much water should we be consuming?




Water is probably the singular most important element on earth, people have killed for water ways that influenced trade, fought for lands that could provide adequate water for agricultural purposes. We use water for both industrial and domestic purposes but let’s come down a notch, in this post I want to talk about how water affects our health.

Water accounts for 60 percent of the body and is essential to every cell in the body. We use water to cool our body in the form sweat, to circulate oxygen and fuel to our organs and take away waste products via blood.

Water is essential for metabolism, it is also essential for carrying out basic domestic purposes such as bathing, washing, cooking etc. But the question is how much water should we be consuming on a daily basis for our bodies to function properly.

Amount of water to be consumed

m w



Male 3.7 litres (15 cups)
Female 2.7 litres (11 cups)





1-3 years :  3-4 cups

1-3 years :  3-4 cups

4-8 years:   5 cups

9-13 years

Girls:          7 cups

Boys:        8 cups

14-118 years

Girls  :       8 cups

Boys :       11 cups

Research says not less than 3 liters for the average adult helps excrete excess waste product and toxin from the body.






  • Well hydrated skin
  • Less likelihood having body odor
  • Aids digestion
  • Prevents constipation: Taking lots of water prevents you having constipation
  • Aids bowel movement
  • Helps the circulatory system function well
  • Helps the kidneys in osmoregulation


Consuming the right amount of water could save you trips to the doctors’ office for conditions such as dehydration, constipation etc. consuming the right amount of Water every day is part of a healthy lifestyle .

NOTE: Always drink clean, clear, odorless water.

Data from onemedical .com and Eat.Right. Academy of Nutrition and dietetics.

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