Are you running out of Time?


Ever seen the 2011 movie ‘In Time’ staring Justin Timberlake , It’s a movie where time available to an individual is both currency for buying and selling and also the heartbeat of the individual, in the movie once a character is out of time they  die.  We might not depend on ticking clocks to live every day but we do live in a digital age with many distractions, these distractions keep us from doing what is most important to our wellbeing. We spend so much time involved in these distractions


Examples of distractions


The social media:

The social media is a trend this days, there’s so much happening that you can’t seem to put you phone down, so much information is streaming all the time there are videos to download and watch on YouTube, pictures to look at on instagram, friends to chat with on numerous messengers and endless trending topics to be involved in on twitter.




Don’t get me wrong the social media is like a revolution, from our personal lives to business and global change the social media is a powerful tool when used appropriately but when you do not finish your task for the day at your place of work, or you do not study as a student because you were on the social network all day then it becomes a problem.



Tech world:

Gadgets! Gadgets! Gadgets! Who doesn’t love them from Phones to Tablets and portable PC, they are unique, sleek, fashionable and very handy but they also give us access to numerous apps and games which could be very distracting. Take Candy Crush for instance, very interesting game but time consuming, you keep playing one level after another and before you know it you have played the game for close to two hours or more at a spot




Imagine you are at work and you just decided to take a mental break and you decided to play this game (candy crush) and the next thing you know you have encroached into your working time. Enough said gadgets are good, they make information more accessible to us but we need to know when to put them away.


200206548-001 Television Screens



Back to Back every series was hit and somehow we just can’t stop watching them, The Mentalist season 1-7; ”Scandal”, ”How to get away with murder” and every other interesting series and Tv programs streaming on our airwaves .




The television is filled with so many programs and with the introduction of affordable cable TV people are glued to their T.V screens.  Watching TV is not a bad thing but when you develop a relationship with motion pictures instead of those around you and you spend time that you could have used for something else in watching TV , then it becomes an issue and a time waster

I remember as a child during the holidays my parents would go to work after assigning chores I was supposed to do that day, once they leave the house I would put on the TV and watch cartoons from when my parents leave up till when they get back without doing any of the assigned chores. Even as an adult I have to consciously keep track of time when watching movies.




These are just a few examples; people spend so much time on activities that are not top priority to their goals in life. No one is perfect but if you could just get timing right, you would be able to meet deadlines and avoid doing everything at the last minute, doing things at the last minute reduces your productivity.




According to Author Marc Macini Time management is merely a series of choices; it is a skill that enables you to differentiate between what you need to do and what you’d prefer to do.  Time management is crucial to every individual, organization and religious institution. Whether you are a full time house wife, employee, business owner or student, time management is an absolute necessity. If you find it difficult to manage your time properly you would always struggle to keep up with important things in your personal, social and professional life, in my next post i will be writing on a few easy tips that will help you manage your time well. Till I write post I leave you with this

” if you don’t manage your time well your time will manage you’’.


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