I always feel disappointed when my favorite brand decreases in quality, be it a drink, cereal, biscuit, or TV show (yes those too can decline over time). There are many TV programs that start out extremely popular and interesting but decline over the years, the same goes for musicians and actors.


Take for example some musician were popular at one point in time of their careers, they even had several hit songs and before you know it these people just go puff!  They literally disappeared from the entertainment industry, am sure you can think of both local and international artist that have gone underground. While some seem to grow stronger and perform better as they age in the industry.


Cooperate organizations and individuals are not left out, there are times when we seem to be on top our game, and there are times when it seems like we are just not hitting the mark. But there are many people all over the world who seem to be upping their game and staying relevant throughout their careers.


Cooperate brands like the Coca-Cola Company, Apple, Microsoft etc, and some social media platforms such as Facebook and twitter have managed to stay relevant over the years. So what does it really take to stay relevant as a brand, business organization or an individual?  Let’s find out together;




“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.                                                                                Henry Ford


The difference between individuals or brands that remain at the top consistently is a learning attitude, they believe there is always room for improvement, and they always improve their products and services. They always find new ways to serve their customers better and most importantly they always want to know the needs and demands of their customers and meet those needs and demands.


“Curiosity is one of the permanent and certain characteristics of a vigorous intellect.

                  Samuel Johnson


As an individual try to be verse, learn about things that are not related to your field of study or skill sets, you never know what knowledge you have that might be an added advantage to you.



You can always become a better version of you, wonder  why brands like coca cola seem to change the appearance of their product over time (especially their bottle) and so many other brands give their products facelifts from time to time. It is because upgrading your products or services is one of the best ways to stay relevant in your chosen field or industry. Some things you can do to upgrade your brand are

  • Reading books
  • Attending workshops ,seminars and conferences
  • Further your education
  • Connect with people who are doing well in your industry or chosen field
  • Market research (find out what your customers want or need)




“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often. Winston Churchill


Nothing is static in life, change is constant and in this twenty-first century there are many changes especially in technology. People and things are evolving and you should evolve with them, there will always be a new approach to everything from production of food to service delivery. E.g. use of the internet to make payments for goods and services compared to physical payment for goods and services in the past.


“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.   George Bernard shaw


Embrace new ways and approach to life, for example many brands have embraced the use of social media platforms to advertise their products and services. Even politicians have benefited from the use of social media platforms during election campaigns.




“Never, never, never give up. Winston Churchill

 Sometimes people take risks and those risks don’t pay off especially in business, staying relevant requires taking risk and trying new things. Even if it doesn’t work out, no matter the losses incurred you have to find courage to move on to the next challenge without fear of failing again.


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