The church and Gender inequality




Despite all our acclaimed spirituality gender inequality is still very much in the church, people allow their culture to influence their views and relationships with the opposite sex.

What is the church’s role in gender inequality, as ambassadors of Christ the church is a mirror and should reflex Christ like behaviors, we are to set an example of how women should be treated in larger society, sadly the church today is not immune from gender inequality.


Women have taken the role of feminist opposing all things male dominated and if the church does not curb inequality in the church, our sisters will one day take the same stance. Matthew 5 vs. 16 says let our light shine forth that men may see the glory of god in our lives but what kind of light does the church reflex when it comes to gender equality.


As Paul said in (Galatians 3:28) “ There is no longer Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male or female; for all of you are one in Christ Jesus. When gifts were given to all men as described by the bible women were not given gifts for welfare and children ministry alone, rather they all men whether male or female can express any of these gifts according to how it is apportioned to them.


In many churches we see that women hold certain kinds of positions or certain kinds of roles, women do not preach regularly especially on Sunday service rather they are mostly seen women and children ministry. Even in today’s modern church the wives of general overseers and pastors do not get to preach on the pulpit on Sundays, the question we should ask our-selves is if this is a biblical stand point of women’s role in the church or a cultural view of  women’s ’ role in the church.


As Christians our greatest role is  to serve one another not to oppress each other. If men and women face oppression outside the church they must find solace when they come to church rather than face the same problems they have to tackle in the world.



I don’t believe in gender equality, men and women are different in many ways rather I believe all humans are equal be it male or female. Gender Equality should be approached from this perspective to avoid manipulations on the part of either sexes. When you see the other party as a person who has equal rights to you would treat them with love and respect.


In conclusion gender equality is a personal responsibility, both within and outside the church decide today that you want to treat every human you come across the same way, and you would treat your children and encourage them to strive for the best irrespective of their sex.


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