Are you  tired of telling yourself am going to exercise and then you end up not doing it  well you can stop feeling guilty, this is not a post to remind you of your short comings when it comes to your health.  This post covers top five reasons why you hardly exercise.


  • Like all good things exercise takes self-discipline and commitment
  • You are Lazy when it comes to physical activity
  • You have a busy schedule
  • You like sleep and can’t imagine waking up early in the morning just to exercise
  • you feel it is only meant for people who want to lose weight



Exercise takes commitment but you don’t have to take it as one serious task or something that only athletes or serious minded people do. Personally I never really liked exercise until I was gingered (i.e. motivated) by a friend to start jogging. This is a form of exercise I actually enjoy I decided to take exercise in short strides, I started with just 30 minutes of jogging daily I also set a time frame for two weeks in which i would jog consistently, I did this so as not to put pressure on myself. Sincerely it was painful at first as all my body felt sore but as I got used to it, it became enjoyable and I looked forward to exercising every day.


If you are lazy about exercise you might need to enlist the services of a Personal Trainer to motivate you and keep you on track. You can also find friends who are interested in exercising and you can motivate each other to exercise daily.

Some people are just too busy to exercise on a daily basis, Being a career person, a student with a huge work load or a single mother with little kids to raise doesn’t really give you any time to think of exercise or even actually doing it. If you are one of such people who are too busy to exercise daily make good use of your weekend. You can enroll in a gym or a sports club this way you still get to unwind and reap the benefits of exercise.

Everyone likes to sleep in a few hours extra, so getting out of bed early in the morning to exercise might seem like lot of work.  I do it sometimes, there are days I practically have to give myself a pep talk on why I should stand up from bed and when I finally do I have to drag myself to exercise but each time I do, it’s always worth it.

Exercise is not just meant for those who want to lose weight. As part of healthy living, regular exercise is advised it keeps you strong and healthy physically and mentally. I know most people already know the health benefits of exercise, aside avoiding complicated health conditions here are a few other reasons why you should start exercising today.


Reasons why you should like exercise.

  • Keeps you fit
  • Increases blood flow to all parts of your body giving you a healthy glow
  • Gives you drive and purpose
  • Lifts your mood
  • Helps you lose excess weight



NB: If you have a heart condition or breathing problems such as asthma, I would advise you to avoid strenuous exercise and also consult with a health care worker so as to know what forms of exercise are safe and still beneficial for you to practice. Living a sedentary lifestyle is bad for your health; you need to start seeing exercise as fun and a necessity for your wellbeing make a decision to start exercising today.


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