secrets of an irresistible woman


Secrets of an Irresistible Woman

Saturday, January 30, 2016

5:58 PM



In a world were an irresistible woman is described as a very beautiful woman with an hour glass figure, hips that do not lie and a bust that turns heads Author Michelle McKinney Hammond spells out the secrets of an irresistible woman. If the saying don’t judge a book by its cover can be any more true well that’s how I  would describe Michelle’s  book’ Secrets of an irresistible woman’.


On picking the book you might expect tons of Tips like how to give him the green light , how to be sexy and get his attention but sorry ladies this is actually a practical beautifully written book on how being your best is the key to finding the right spouse. Michelle gives useful insight as to why building your- self mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically is the Key to finding true happiness and not desperation or man hunting.


The book is enlightening  and helps today’s woman see her true value and power as a woman, Michelle is sassy ,funny and damn sexy in her style of writing if you don’t like the serious more common how to books  well you are in luck this book is for you and you can get the book at any standard bookshop.


I especially like her sense of humor and the sincerity of her wisdom, if you have been thinking on how you are going to get the right man into you life or are you currently in a relationship and still wondering if he is the one. You can relate to her personal stories and experiences as she takes you on a journey to becoming the woman every man wants.


Whether you are prim and proper or wild and free this book is a definite read for you. Here is a favorite quote of mind from the book. ”Perhaps it’s not the other person who’s the could be you! I hope you do read the book, happy reading in advance. Till my next post it’s Toodle-oo from me as always. Follow me on Twitter @bennyini, my Facebook handle:usoro Benita inyang