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If I asked what your purpose in life was, I would probably be met with a barrage of random goals like fancy car, big house, a lot of money, vacations and so on. Hold your horses. Money is a necessity, but we often make the mistake of thinking it is okay to center our lives around it. I’m of the opinion that money is a tool. Money definitely makes things easier. However to be deceived by the facade that money solves all problems is such a lie.

In reality, in our core we just want to be happy. We’re all going to die, and I believe if we were reminded of this fundamental fact more often we wouldn’t decide to spend our entire lives chasing something as fleeting as money. Ask yourself this “if I were to die in five minutes would I spend those last five minutes chasing money?”…

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Watch “9 Mind Care Tips: Mental health 101” on YouTube

Mind care is essential to your wellbeing, check out my YouTube video for more info on how to care for your mind.

9 Mind Care Tips: Mental health 101: https://youtu.be/RheToswSa_I

Entrepreneurship or Risk Taking?

Entrepreneurship is the art of developing and managing a business venture in order to gain profit by taking several risks in the corporate world.

When we think entrepreneurship in this modern day all we see in our heads are $$$$$$$ signs, the numbers in accounts blowing up, finally getting the respect we think we deserve, meeting important people and stamping our name on the sands of time.

One of the things we might not consider is the blood, sweat and sacrifice that has to be laid down for any business to stand solidly. We see major world entrepreneurs win big time but we don’t know that they often have as many losses as wins. Beyond the expensive suits and cars, are people who take huge risks the average joe will not dare to try.

I have seen firsthand the risk taking involved in entrepreneurship and I know for a fact that entrepreneurship has both good and bad sides. In the wake of this there is an entrepreneurship fever going on in the twenty-first century, people are quitting their jobs to start businesses of their own.

Here is a quick guideline to see if you are cut-out for entrepreneurship.


You like to be in charge.

To effectively run a business, you need to possess leadership qualities; the leadership style you choose to run your company or organization by is up to you and your personality type. If you usually shy away from being in charge, then entrepreneurship might not just be for you.


You like risk taking.

Risk taking is a huge part of being an entrepreneur, most successful entrepreneurs started out being just people with great ideas but what distinguishes entrepreneurs is the ability to take risks. They take well calculated risk, and even if it doesn’t work out, they go back to their drawing boards to figure out what went wrong. Risk taking involves stepping out in faith, doing things even if you are afraid that they might not work out.


You have a good attitude towards failure.

Entrepreneurs are bold and confident in their decision making; they take responsibility for their actions. Even if a decision cost them huge financial lose, they still push forward.

You might have heard of entrepreneurs who have lost a lot due to the crash in the price of their stocks or changes in trade regulations that benefited them before, entrepreneurs understand that business even well planned ones can change over time, according to trends, emerging pop culture, technology etc.


You understand people.

It is very crucial for an entrepreneur to be good at recognizing people, their behaviors and likely potential as regards the organization they work in, an entrepreneur should be able to connect with possible customers, employees and influencers.

These will help them in knowing the best fit for different positions in his or her organization; understand what kinds of product and services customers will want from their organization. Although some of these can be outsourced to third parties, it is good as an entrepreneur to have an idea human behavior.


You are prudent with money.

A good entrepreneur knows how to manage funds whether limited or in abundance, without proper management of funds the business will go down fast.

As an entrepreneur especially if your company is still in its start-up stages, you need to know when to call it pay day or when to reinvest profits in the business.


You are disciplined and exercise self-control.

Focus is essential for every entrepreneur; discipline and self-control are needed to maintain that focus. Entrepreneurship takes extra work at least for the early stages of building your business.

You will need to go extra miles to grow a business, and even when the business is fully developed, to maintain a steady growth pattern, you will need to put in the hours into ensuring that your business does not decline.

Are there any risks you have taken as an entrepreneur, please share with us in the comment box below.

You are not Guilty.

Sometimes it is too easy to feel guilty about our shortcomings even in the place of prayer. We wonder whether God still loves us despite the nasty things we do or say. Sometimes our disappointment is with the fact that we expected more from ourselves. Well good news YOU ARE PLEASING TO GOD, Want to know why? It is because Jesus his son who is your intercessor is pleasing to God.

Put Jesus before your sin when you come to the place of prayer.You are sitted with Christ in high places, is Jesus pleasing to God? then you are pleasing to God. Did Jesus cast out demons then you can cast out demons. Did Jesus walk on water then you can walk on water. Did Jesus heal the sick then you can heal the sick.

Always come before God knowing that when he sees you he sees his son and the price he paid for you not your short comings.

 Stay blessed.

The Confident Woman.

My humble self volunteering for CancerAwareNg in 2017.

I know what it is to live in the 21st century, in the age of technology and social media. if you ask me what has held today’s young lady (woman) back from attaining her full potentials i will say confidence. Well that is my take on the cause of majority of the problems that plagues todays’ woman.

Today’s woman needs:

Confidence that transcends into making the right choices.

Confidence that transcends into the ability to pursue her dreams.

That allows her to walk out of bad relationships.

Confidence that translates into picking the right spouse.

Confidence that allows her to know it is ok to be alone.

Confidence that transcends into lifting other women up, rather than putting them down.

Confidence that transcends into faith in her God, in herself and in other women around her.

Confidence that transcends into knowing her worth.

Confidence that transcends into self love and appreciation.

I know what it is to live in the 21st century and confidence has taken me farther than I can ever imagine.

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The 21st Century Hypocrite.

The 21st century hypocrite is simply someone who sees others through judgmental lenses and see themselves as always right and can do no wrong.

Isn’t it funny when people do things we consider immoral we frown at it and scold them vigorously maybe we even say some nasty things about them  and then several years later we do the same thing or we are doing the same thing but we use religion or morality to cloak ourselves  excusing our behavior.

Maybe its superiority complex, maybe you feel you are more entitled to make mistakes more than the next guy. Maybe its ok for us to be rude on the days we are angry but we can’t cut others some slack when they do same because you have an excuse and they don’t.

If we just look beyond what we see on the surface, will be less judgmental of those around us, recently I had an understanding of why Jesus  often scolded the Pharisees in the bible, they were essentially moralist on the surface but were also full of themselves, many often prided themselves on their ability to keep to rules and regulations which on its own is another form of pride.

Every day we encounter different people and due to race, religion and beliefs system we often categories people into what they can or can’t do, a black guy can say nigga but if a white man says the same thing they take offence, a woman can slap a man out of provocation but if a man does the same it’s called domestic violence.

I know equality and fairness in everything that pertains to life is a utopian dream but as much as possible practice what you preach .

Understanding Mercy

Finding True Satisfaction.


mercyLet us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need. Hebrews 4:16

Mercy is an undeserved gift from God which preserves us; sometimes you notice that people have things more than you it is the grace of God that keeps them. Sometimes mercy and grace are often thought to mean the same thing, Mercy is God’s loving kindness towards sinners and his children; God who lets his rain fall on both the good and evil and the sun to shine on both the good and evil while grace is defined as the favor of God. This is what makes an individual qualify for what he ordinarily is not qualified for. At every point in time in our lives we have to be thankful for the mercy of God upon our lives irrespective of whatever situation we…

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